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Spear Study Club

About Spear Study Club

Hands-on learning in small groups of peers is a proven way to master new clinical skills and build confidence.

Spear has the most established network of study clubs in the world, with thousands of members and hundreds of active clubs that offer small-group learning supported by prescribed curriculum to shape productive interdisciplinary relationships.

Collaborate on real-world cases virtually or in person with online learning modules from the industry leader in dental continuing education. Your club will discover how to drive consistently successful case management and shape lasting bonds to complete more interesting and potentially lucrative cases together.

Grow Practice Profitability

The key to profitability is already in your practice: your patients. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, Spear Study Club members increase practice profitability by treating more complex cases of higher value.

Improve Clinical Expertise

Learning together with modules based on real cases specifically designed for small-group, hands-on learning, you'll grow in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment. You will treat more cases in your own practice, and see your patients thrive under a higher level of care.

Collaborate With Colleagues

Clubs of eight to twelve specialists and general practitioners can complete up to eight case modules per year. You'll build an interdisciplinary network in your own community that you can count on for camaraderie, support and referrals.

Increase Case Acceptance

Improve case acceptance by sharing the possibilities of treatment rather than just presenting a treatment plan. Specialist and GP members have reported a significant increase in accepted cases. You'll also empower your team with the tools to initiate conversations with patients about treatment options.

Build a Professional Network

Grow a network of trusted, successful colleagues, increasing the frequency and caliber of referrals. Mentor peers to raise the standard of patient care in your community. Enjoy the fellowship of clinicians who share your passion for great dentistry.

Strengthen Your Team

Get your entire team on the same page with Spear Online's library of team training, role-based courses and team meetings. Manage your team, implement structured team meetings and create a practice focused on exceptional patient care. As you improve the clinical and non-clinical skills of your staff you'll boost the daily value of your practice.

Connect with your community to grow your practice

Spear Study Clubs help specialists and general practitioners excel in an all-inclusive, easy-to-run model, integrating evidence-based clinical instruction and online education. With learning modules based on real-life cases, you'll grow through small-group learning in an environment of collaboration and trust.

Study Club Membership Benefits

Integrated Curriculum and Learning Modules

Curriculum and Learning Modules

Your club of 8-12 clinicians in your community sets its own pace with up to 8 meeting modules per year and supporting resources. Choose from more than 100 CE-eligible modules to help you drive purposeful club meetings and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Learn in-person, online or a combination of the two, guided by members of our prestigious faculty including Drs. Frank Spear, Greggory Kinzer, Ricardo Mitrani and more.

Spear Online

Spear Online

Each club member and up to 10 of their team members get 24/7 access to dentistry's most innovative online education platform for related content and supplemental learning tools. Take advantage of more than 1,500 video lessons.

Resources include:

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Concierge-level support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who consistently monitors your club and guides you to greater participation, collaboration and success.

Personalized Study Club Website

Communicate with your club, access meeting resources, track CE credits and more.

Join Our Study Club!

Spear Online

We are looking for more team members to partake in our professional dentist study group in Guam.

If you are interested, give us a call for more information!