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What is Periodontitis?

About Our Treatment

Doctor expalaining Periodontitis

At Perio Health Institute Pacific-Rim, we provide treatment from a Board-Certified Periodontist that includes 3D tissue examination and dental implant treatment planning procedures suggested by the American Academy of Periodontology. Based on the prognosis, Dr. Hayashi will offer treatment options that not only improve your dental health but also the beauty of your gum tissue, especially around the front teeth.

Our Medical Care Policy

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Gum disease is linked to ailments such as diabetes, various cardiovascular diseases and so on. Periodontists monitor these ailments in order to provide safe surgery and gum treatment at the molecular level. Additionally, smoking has risks for regenerative therapies and dental implant placements.

Stages of Periodontitis

early stage periodontitis

Early Periodontal Disease

Slight redness on gum.
No pain.
Obstacles to Daily Life:

middle stage periodontitis

Moderate Periodontal Disease

Redness on gum, bleeding while brushing.
Slight or none.
Obstacles to Daily Life:
Bad breath / Halitosis.

advanced stage periodontitis

Advanced Periodontal Disease

Redness and swelling on gum, pus.
Possible dull pain, or no pain.
Obstacles to Daily Life:
Pain while chewing, bad breath.

About Periodontitis and Gingivitis

how periodontitis look like


Redness, bleeding and dull pain of gum, reduction of tooth mobility.

What is Periodontitis?
Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease whose primary cause is pathogenic bacteria. Our body's immune system reacts to bacteria and produces inflammatory mediators which eventually cause the destruction of tissue surrounding the teeth.

how gingivitis look like


Redness and swelling at gum; and erythema.

What is Gingivitis?
If we do not brush properly, the bacteria can start to migrate to the gum surface tissue and your immune cells try to fight the bacteria. If the bacteria load is too big, or or your immune system is weak, the gum starts to swell and becomes inflamed. This can be removed with proper brushing. The best way to learn proper brushing is to have a dental examination and receive instructions from your periodontist and dental hygienist.

Causes of Periodontitis

The primary cause of periodontist is bacteria. If you do not brush properly, the bacteria will start an inflammatory response in the gums and connective tissue surrounding the teeth. This will lead to collagen destruction and bone loss which means the teeth will lose its supporting tissue and become loose. Bone loss is not reversible without professional regenerative surgery. Severe bone loss leads to teeth that cannot be saved, and which will need to be extracted.

Risk factors that lead to periodontitis include smoking and diabetes. Occlusal trauma can also lead to bone loss and tissue inflammation.